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Delivery time


The delivery time and value varies according to the continent of the destination.


North America        -   20 business days - $45

Central America     -   10 business days - $60

South America       -   15 business days - $45

Europe                    -   15 business days - $60

Africa                       -  10 business days - $90

Middle East             -   15 business days - $85

Asia                          -   15 business days - $75

Oceania                   -   15 business days - $90


Select your continent correctly when finalizing the shopping cart. If selected other than the destination, the product will not be shipped until properly paid. (we will contact you to update your payment)


Depending on your city, state or country, even if you are within the selected continent, there may not be delivery service available, if this occurs, we will contact you and refund your payment. (usually occurs in very small cities or when its far away from large cities)


Deliveries will be made by the Post Office or Fedex (depends on the region). The delivery period starts counting after posting, which depends on the authorization of the purchase by the financial institution and the confirmation of the registration data. This release can take up to 48 hours + the separation period for shipping, which can take up to 3 business days.


Corcel is not responsible for taxes generated or collected at the time of delivery of our products. As it is an international shipment, it is the customer's responsibility.


Possible reasons for delay of delivery:

- Failure to deliver due to the absence of the customer at the delivery address registered on the site;
- Address incorrectly or incompletely registered;
- Adress change;
- Unusual events for reasons we can not control, such as natural accidents, general strikes and / or any other force majeure;
- Your address can be classified by the Post Office as an area with a different delivery period. This means that the delivery time is redefined by the Post Office disregarding the term definitions informed on our site.

​Unfortunately the mail suffers from several strikes and theft problems, and if there is a delay in delivery a new product will be posted after being certified by the post office that the product was actually lost.

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